Fight fear – with the Corona Assistance Fund, we want to show a clear sign of solidarity in the tourism sector

Quite a number of scientific disciplines that have led a shadowy existence up until now – and may not even have been known to exist – are currently experiencing more media queries than they know what to do with. And representatives of the field of fear research are no exception.

Not only is a viral pandemic spreading throughout the globe, but it is joined by a wave of fear that is at least as contagious as the virus itself. What lies in store for us in the weeks ahead? How will we and our loved ones get along? What will happen to our jobs? As the carousel of thoughts spins ever-faster, all these open-ended questions begin to torment us.

Corona Assistance Fund for Tourism

The following forms of assistance are available to destinations and service providers until 29.5.2020 free of charge. Some of these services are limited for reasons of capacity.

If you would like to avail yourself of measures offered under the Corona Assistance Fund for Tourism, or if you would like to make an offer of help of your own, please contact us:

Frank Grafenstein
+49. (0)30. 80 58 59 20

About us

Our experience in crisis management

In times of crisis, what people need are solidarity and communication. This is something we as a marketing agency have experienced several times since this millennium began. In 2001, we tackled the consequences of BSE with a campaign for self-drivers in the UK, under the campaign slogan: ‘Yes, we’re open.’

During the Sars crisis, in 2002/2003, we partnered with numerous Asian destinations and a host of key service providers to establish the marketing cooperation ‘go asia’. In 2004, for instance, following the enormous tsunami, we were one of the first to provide detailed information on target areas via ‘go asia’.

During the current crisis, we have created the corona-navigator website on behalf of the Tourism Competence Centre.

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The entire tourism expertise of team neusta is bundled under the ‘neusta tourism’ brand. The main stakeholders in this regard are neusta destination solutions and neusta Grafenstein. With more than 45 employees, 350 successful projects in the fields of tourist destinations and service providers, neusta tourism is one of the leading providers of digital and analogue marketing, including the set-up and operation of digital infrastructure as well as for media work and storytelling.