Five workshops for best reach, happy guests and more bookings

The summer season has never been so contradictory. While some German states are almost overrun, others have to fight for guests. European countries announce they will welcome tourists in if the travel restrictions will be eased in July. Remote destinations open up for domestic tourism first. International hotels and airlines must limit their occupancy according to new rules. How you can transform your guests’ joy of travel into direct bookings in this chaos? You will learn it in following five workshops. 

Workshop 1. Content 

Good content is crucial for you now. In this workshop, you will learn how to explain the value of your offers to people and to make your destination famous. You will find stories that contribute to your company and showcase experiences and adventures. You will optimize content on your website for your wish guests, strengthen customer loyalty in your newsletter and trigger wanderlust on social media. That is the way to generate new requests with your content! 

Workshop 2. Brand positioning 

Your customers’ trust is the new currency in the crisis. It’s easier for you to convince your guests when your destination or travel company gains profile. In the positioning workshop, we go on a journey to discover your corporate identity, which automatically distinct you from rest of the marketplace. From this we will define topics for your customer communication. You strengthen your specialization with clear messages and create sympathy demonstrating your values. Show your uniqueness and win true customers! 

Workshop 3. Website optimization 

Your website is your central place for guest communication – and therefore has to work smoothly. Does your customer feel addressed on your website and can he quickly find the information he is looking for? In this workshop, we will check together if relevant topics are placed correctly and how your guests are led to the booking. We examine your website structure, texts and traffic sources including social media and especially Pinterest. This is how you get more website visitors! 

Workshop 4. Digital Advertising 

You can successfully increase the reach on social media and the number of your website visitors with paid advertising. With well-structured campaigns you will reach more potential guests who are interested in your offer – guaranteed. In this workshop you will receive specific know-how for advertising in digital media, a campaign setup and the measurement of success. With this knowledge you will show your offer to your defined target group on Facebook, Instagram and in Google! 

Workshop 5. Analytics 

What your data reveal about your guests – this knowledge helps your company to keep operations on the right track, put them in the fast lane and better understand yours guests.

The focus of this workshop is on practical setup and implementation of reports, analyzes and dashboards in Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics. Our experts will provide you with practical skills that you can use to improve your offer communication and make new bookings. 

We conduct our workshops both online and offline. Always in a relaxed atmosphere and at eye level. Send us a short message, we would be happy to assist you! 

Anna Pashkova 
Christian von Häfen