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Fight fear – with the Corona Assistance Fund , we want to show a clear sign of solidarity in the tourism sector

Quite a number of scientific disciplines that have led a shadowy existence up until now – and may not even have been known to exist – are currently experiencing more media queries than they know what to do with. And representatives of the field of fear research are no exception. Not only is a viral pandemic spreading throughout the globe, but it is joined by a wave of fear that is at least as contagious as the virus itself. What lies in store for us in the weeks ahead? How will we and our loved ones get along? What will happen to our jobs? As the carousel of thoughts spins ever-faster, all these open-ended questions begin to torment us.

And that is where Dr. Borwin Bandelow, President of the Society for Anxiety Research, comes in. Only after we have reached the climax of a crisis, only once the full extent of the impact is clear, can we once again assume a more relaxed approach to dealing with our feelings. What concerns us are ignorance, the unknown, the apparent loss of control. At this stage, Dr. Bandelow calls for conscious reflection on the things we can control and shape at the moment, and the areas where we can be of assistance or become active.

Away from panic mode and into creative mode. As much as the state is now called upon to step in, we also believe that stakeholders in the tourism sector should support one another as well. With this in mind, we at neusta tourism have joined forces with our partners to set up the Corona Assistance Fund for Tourism. Essentially, this entails free services available for destinations and service providers in the fields of consulting, coaching, digital storytelling and marketing.

Tourism has always been an industry of personal happiness and well-being, and that’s the way it should stay in this difficult time. Working together, we can do this – first in the digital space and then together with you, on location.