Credibility in the crisis

How media behavior changes in exceptional situations and what does this mean for tourism?

It seems that in the crisis, the viewing angle and the information needs differ significantly from behaviour in “normal” times.  Social media – normally the cheerful source of constant travel inspiration – has little or no credibility in the crisis (according to a study by Infratest Dimap). YouTube is still rated with 19% credibility, while Facebook with 8% and Instagram with 4% became irrelevant. In contrast 46% of all interview partners regard newspapers and magazines and 76% daily newspapers as credible. 

What conclusions do these assessments allow? What we have known for a long time, but which is often forgotten in the frenzy of digitalization, is revealed under the magnifying glass of the crisis: Print is still the medium for spreading credible facts and emotions. Apart from that, many guests feel that high-quality customer magazines are a sign of appreciation. 

In times of crisis, the distribution of printed information is unfortunately only possible to a very limited extent. There are no trade fairs or events and the placement of supplements is difficult. At the moment, customer contacts only take place virtually, if at all. 

New solutions are needed here and, under the leadership of neusta destination solution, neusta tourism has created the right product with destination.travelstory. 

“As a stong supporter of printed destination magazines, I’m thrilled at how well we can use destination.travelstory to address our target groups on their mobile devices. This is the ideal addition to our previous publishing offers,” says Matthias Kraft, Key Account Manager Asia. For example, the editorial-looking native ads has proved to be an efficient and cost-effective form of advertising to attract interested readers. 

In our experience, up to 2,000 visitors can be won for the digital magazine destination.travelstory, with a media budget of € 1,000. 

The first editions of destination.travelstory will be launched in August 2020. 

We are happy to create digital reading experiences for your customers and look forward to working for you soon. Contact us:
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