Assistance Fund

Support in the field marketing, content and storytelling

In its eMagazines colores de España, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Ireland (from Q3 2020) and Poland (from Q3 2020), neusta Grafenstein offers a free landing page for offers by service providers and regions. For 20 years, neusta Grafenstein has been one of the leading publishers in the field of corporate destinations. offers free landing pages for destinations on its website.journaway is Germany’s leading online portal for circular tours, with more than 400 affiliated tour operators and more than 15,000 circular and study tours offered to over 100 countries around the world. offers free landing pages for destinations on its website.
With more than 100,000 properties and in excess of 12 million users per year, BestFewo is the largest platform for holiday apartments and holiday homes in Germany.

(R)auszeit offers free production of travel podcasts.
(R)auszeit is one of the most popular podcasts devoted to the topic of travel. It is hosted by two radio personalities, Marc Erny and Holger Trocha. offers free use of its blog-marketing platform, and neusta Grafenstein is providing 3 campaigns with €200 in assistance each.
With more than 6,000 registered bloggers, trusted-blogs has been the leading platform in blog marketing since 2015.

neusta Grafenstein is offering a € 500 voucher in 2020 for the creation of an eLearning platform based on the own platform.
neusta Grafenstein is one of the leading providers of tourist learning systems in multiple languages.

Support in the field consulting and coaching

neusta tourism offers 2 hours of free expert reviews on the following questions:

  1. Is my website suitable for crisis communication?
    This analysis will put you in a position to better meet changing information needs and provide you with recommendations for action that affect your website’s relevance and credibility.
  2. Is my analytics set-up optimally positioned for the crisis and its aftermath?
    As part of the review, we examine the set-up of your Google Analytics account and give you recommendations you can use to gain the best possible grasp of the information needs of visitors to your website, both during and after the crisis.
  3. Social distancing – not in social media
    Which content is suitable for use on social media during the coronavirus crisis? Working from our checklist, we go through your accounts together to determine which impactful and creative measures for meaningful engagement are currently available to you. We discuss fresh messaging with you and clarify the content you can use right now to strengthen trust and loyalty amongst your readership.